Terms and Conditions




The tour price shall include an economy return air ticket, accommodations on twin/triple sharing basis, meals and tours as specified in the itinerary (which may from time to time, be amended, modified or supplemented by the Airline / Hoteliers) subject as provided herein. (Triple-share rooms: Please note that the third bed may be a rollaway bed)

For purchase of land tour alone, passengers are required to meet at arriving airport at designated time in accordance to flight timing of the main tour group. Private transfers and accommodation differing from main group are not included.

The tour price does not include airport taxes, telephone and excess charges, guide’s and driver’s tips, medical and travel insurance and other expenses of a personal nature.



Tickets issued for group travel are restricted to a fixed departure and fixed return date within a certain period of validity. Any requests for travel dates different / deviating from the mail group are subjected to airline’s terms and conditions. (see clause 3).



The Customer may extend his/her stay (based on Airline’s seats availability and confirmation) for a period of time subjected to the rules and regulations of the class of air ticket/s issued and subjected to deviation charges by the respective airline. Any extension request must be made at least 30 days before the ticket/s are issued. All extensions are subject to seats availability and once tickets are issued, no changes will be entertained. Please refer to extension charges below.

Extension of stay will be at Customer's own expense and transfer to the airport will not be provided. When no request for extension of stay/deviation is made 30 days prior the date of travel from Singapore, customers are deemed to be taking the whole itinerary without extension or diversion. However, reversion to the original tour schedule is not permitted once such extension or deviation has been confirmed nor tickets issued.



The Agent or Airline reserves the right to reroute any tours and to make any changes to the tour package (including itinerary) without the consent of or prior notification to the Customer to ensure the smooth logistics of the tour.

The Customer acknowledges that the packaged purchased is for group travel and therefore passengers are required to follow thru and partake visits / activities / meals / travel as a group from departure till return to Singapore. Unless extension or deviation are involved, the passenger/s should not hold the travel agent / tour operator liable for any mishaps should they deviate from the group during group travel. No refund shall be made for any meals / sights / hotels not utilized. (See clause 7)

All Passengers are requested to rotate seating arrangements on coach for the convenience of all members of the tours.



The Agent or Airline shall not be liable to the Customer for any goods purchased by the Customer during the tour whether or not the goods are of defective quality, not suitable for the Customer's purpose, not in conformity with samples provided to the Customer or rejected by the Customer for any other reason whatsoever notwithstanding that the goods are purchased in shops the visitation of which comprise part of the tour package (including itinerary) or which are specifically recommended by the Agent, Airline, Travel Services, their guides, servants, agents, employees or independent contractors, nor shall the Agent, Airline or the Travel Services be liable to the customer for the purchase monies of the aforesaid goods.



Each Customer is allowed one check-in baggage weighing up to 23 kilogram per person. The luggage dimensions should not be longer than 158cm when taking into considerations the length + breadth + height.

Each Customer is entitled to a hand held luggage of Not more than 10 kilogram per person. The cabin luggage dimensions should not be longer than 115cm when taking into considerations the length + breadth + height.

Contents for cabin / hand held luggage is subject to airport’s / airline’s regulations and discretion. Please check with relevant authorities before travel. Please refer to the operating airline's website for further information.



Strictly no refund will be made for any service, transportation, accommodation, meal or tour included in the tour but not utilized, including passengers who are rejected entry to the country at immigration.



It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that they have passports with validity of at least six (6) months from the date of entry into the destined country or countries of destination.

The Customer shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary visas required for the tour.

The Agents, Airline and Travel Services shall not be liable to refund to the Customer the whole or any part of the tour price or the price of the economy return ticket or any security charges imposed by Immigration in the event that the Customer is refused entry into any country of destination for any reason whatsoever, including but without limitation the following: the Customer carrying a forged passport, failing to obtain the appropriate visas, being barred from entry into the country of destination for contravention of its laws or regulations, being barred from entry into the country of destination for his/her political affiliations.



In respect of the Agent's obligations as carrier, the Customer acknowledges that the terms and conditions of carriage shall be contained in the applicable contract of carriage. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as in anyway extending the liabilities of the Airline as carrier beyond the terms of the relevant contract of carriage.

Air flight seats are assigned on a group basis for tour packages purchased. Priorities are given to infants, senior citizens or passengers with medical requirements. Any request are subject to airline’s availability and discretion. Priority for all bulkhead seat are given only to passengers travelling with infant.

Notwithstanding any provision in these terms and conditions to the contrary, the Airline and Agent shall not be liable, howsoever the same may arise, for cancellation of journeys, deviations, delays, or the failure to provide seats; berths or facilities for carrying or storing luggage or for the failure to provide accommodation.



Neither the Airline nor the Agent shall incur any liability of any kind or nature whether in these terms and conditions or in tort or otherwise for any death, personal injury, damage, loss, liability or expenses suffered or incurred by the Customer or by any other person arising directly or indirectly or in any manner howsoever out of the services provided hereunder by the Airline, Agent or the Travel Services to the Customer or any other persons. The Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and keep the Airline and the Agent indemnified during the continuance of these terms and conditions Contract and thereafter against all actions, proceedings, claims, damages, costs and expenses so arising.



A deposit (the “Non-refundable Deposit”) per person (or equivalent) is required upon booking. The deposit forms part of your final payment. However, a payment of deposit does not constitute the confirmation of tour. Full payment is required upon confirmation of tour; upon issuance of tickets or 21 days before tour departure, whichever come first. Failure to comply with this may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation and forfeiture deposit.



Any cancellation made by a Customer must be in writing and the Customer shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by the Agent in respect of making the bookings and cancelling the same and all payments which the Travel Services may lawfully require by reason of the cancellation. The Agent will repay to the Customer any monies held by them in excess of the Non-refundable Deposit after deducting the Cancellation Fees (as defined below), any other expenses and payments and in any event shall not be required to make repayment until they have received payment from the Travel Services of such monies as may be due to the Customer following such cancellation.

In the event of any cancellation, cancellation fees will be applicable.

Any change of bookings within 30 days prior to departure will be considered a cancellation and the applicable cancellation fees will be levied accordingly.

The Airline and Agent reserves the right to decline, to accept any booking or, after acceptance, to cancel the tour arrangement for any reason (including but not limited to insufficient number of participants and non confirmation of flights and other arrangements).

Should this happen, the entire payment will be refunded and both the Airline and Agent shall be under no further liability to the Customer.



Passengers are responsible for providing the agents with the exact names as stated in passport. Any changes and amendments are subject to charges by the airline for administrative and or other procedures to be borne by the passengers. In such instance, an already confirmed air seat will be allotted back to system for next person on wait-list and passenger will have to wait for next available seat.

For each amendment made to flights, whether an extension or deviation, hotel extension bookings or similar amendments after the booking has been processed, an amendment fee of S$150 per person will be levied. Any additional charges incurred as a result of amendment made will be borne by the Customer. For amendments after tickets have been issued, a fee of S$150 per ticket is applicable.

All amendments will be subject to airline’s approval and acceptance.



The Company / Airline / Land Operator reserves the right to reject, cancel or withdraw any passenger / reservation made by customer where deemed necessary.

All passenger joining group tours are required to follow the group throughout the travel period. Any passenger with own agenda and wishing to deviate from the group while on tour will NOT be covered under certain clauses of insurance and not be the responsibility of the travel operator. Especially while in Seoul, should passenger choose to deviate from group, not participating in stops to specified destinations, the tour operator reserves the right to charge S$150 per person. Strictly no refund for any meals not consumed, entrance fee/s will be made under any circumstances.



We strongly recommend that you purchase a Personal Travel insurance policy prior to the commencement of your holiday.



If at any time any one or more of these terms and conditions or the application thereof to any person in any circumstances shall to any extent be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained herein shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

Note: Porter service may not be available under certain circumstances and as such, Customers may sometimes be required to handle their own luggage. Your Customer's co-operation and understanding would be greatly appreciated.



Any complaint/claim must be made in writing within 1 week (7 days) after services rendered. Any complaint/claim made after such period will not be entertained.



Any complaint/claim must be made in writing within 1 week (7 days) after services rendered. Any complaint/claim made after such period will not be entertained.



A person who is not a party to this contract shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Chapter 53B) to enforce any of its terms provided that it is agreed that each of the Airline and the Agent (to the extent it is not a party to these Conditions) will have the unconditional right under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 538) of Singapore to enforce and rely on these Conditions.



The Customer (on behalf of other passengers in same booking form) acknowledges that he or she has read and accepts these terms and conditions contained herein.



Due Date 


21 days prior to arrival 

A 50% deposit is required.  

7 days prior to arrival 

Balance is due. 


  • Please make sure that your payment will arrive on our bank by the above due dates.

  • Payment Method: Payment must be made via cash or Paynow 



Due Date 

Rooming List Requirements 

30 days prior to arrival 

An initial rooming list is required. 

14 days prior to arrival 

Final rooming list is due.